When it comes to routine service, repairs and cleanings, no one takes better care of your precious treasures than Diamond Vault. Many of these services can be preformed while clients relax within the landmark location. Large gallery windows give a behind-the-scenes view of repairs being made on jewelers’ antique workbenches. For over four decades, Sarasota has depended on Diamond Vault to service and restore its most delicate pieces to their original brilliance.

 Jeweler at Repair Bench

Jewelry Repair

Fine jewelry is made to last. However, when the occasional accident happens, the master jewelers at Diamond Vault can bring back virtually any piece to its original condition. Whether it’s a lost stone, a bent prong or loose wirework on a 50 year old heirloom, the workshop at Diamond Vault has the appropriate equipment for all types of precise repairs. Jewelry repair is not a one-size-fits-all process. Each type of jewelry requires special attention and specific techniques to fully restore the integrity of each custom piece. Please contact the Diamond Vault concierge for information on custom repairs.

  • Ring Sizing
  • Refinishing, Rhodium-Plating, Gold-Plating
  • Diamond & Gemstone Setting or Replacing
  • Prong Re-Tipping, Rebuilding, or Reconditioning
  • Arthritic Shank Addition or Adjustment
  • Safety Chain and Security Clasp Supply
  • Metalsmithing and General Jewelry Repair
  • Pearl Restringing
  • Gemstone & Diamond Repolishing
  • Custom Jewelry Design
  • and more - simply inquire


    Watch Service 

    Timepieces are meant to last a lifetime and longer given proper mechanical maintenance and service. Even the best machinery is subject to wear and tear - and fine watches are no exception. Routine servicing can ensure that these fashionable accessories remain valuable and appreciated by current and future wearers. Diamond Vault is a trusted caretaker of Swiss timepieces has staff watch experts available to consult on necessary services, from maintenance, routine service, and major repair or overhaul. Available services include:

    • Battery Replacement
    • Band Adjustment
    • Strap Replacement
    • Pressure Testing 
    • Automatic Movement Overhaul, Repair, Part Replacement or Complete Movement Replacement
    • Quarts Movement Repair or Replacement
    • Case, Band or Complete Refinishing and Restoration



    Custom Designs

    Defining an individual’s personal style requires years of experience, a keen intuition and a devotion to detail that transcends time and fads. Diamond Vault is in the business of making dreams become reality – and each individual’s dreams are as unique and timeless as his or her DNA. That is why Diamond Vault creates custom pieces for any occasion.

    Beginning with hand-sketched ideas, Diamond Vault’s master jewelers refine each custom project by creating hand-fabricated models that will be cast.  Depending on how intricate the design might be, CAD (computer aided design) renderings and intricate 3D printed molds can also be utilized. With an array of metals, finishes and stones to choose from, clients can create a lasting heirloom that will be treasured for generations.

    To explore custom design with your existing pieces of jewelry or to explore a custom design for something new, book and appointment today. 

    Hand Fabrication: A Time Honored Craft

    Whether a client wants to update a family heirloom or improve upon one of their most cherished piece’s designs, the master jewelers at Diamond Vault can handcraft a model to fit your needs. From replacing a missing earring or adding a new link to a bespoke necklace, custom recreations can be just as stunning and as richly detailed as the original.

    Computer Aided Design (CAD): Where Cutting Edge Technology Meets Masterful Design
    Nearly impossible only two decades ago, technological advancements with computer aided design (CAD) and 3D printing now allow for incredibly detailed molds – transforming what is now possible. The sky is truly the limit when imagining your new piece of custom fine jewelry. Diamond Vault utilizes the latest state-of-the-art equipment allowing clients to add personal touches to any piece, including miniscule details that speak to their unique personality or symbolism.
    Diamond Vault invites the buyer to be involved throughout the entire design process to fine-tune each phase of the fabrication.
    Diamond Vault understands that its client’s time is valuable. That is why appointments are available to those who wish to set a specific time to speak with a Diamond Vault Concierge.